Mark Teppo (markteppo) wrote,
Mark Teppo

Checking In, Catching Up

I never get any less busy, and posting is always the first thing that gets left behind, so let's pretend this is a catch-up post.

Two weekends ago, I was at sword camp, and it was good. Well, more than good; it was great. The same gang that does the bi-annual WMAW conference put together a special event on the off-year to celebrate the 600th anniversary of Fiore dei Liberi's Il Fior di Battaglia. Typically, the WMAW (Western Martial Arts Workshop) covers everything that can be remotely considered to be a "western" martial art; this one was all about one Italian master. Delightful.

Last weekend, I managed to get to one day of the Esoteric Book Conference. Long enough to hear a couple of the presentations (which were fantastic) and to do some serious damage to my pocket book.

Yesterday, the interview I did for about The Mongoliad went live. Also, I found out that both Lightbreaker and Heartland are now available on the Kindle (those links will take you to their respective pages at Huzzah! Go little books, go!

Today, I am hip deep in a backlog of video content as I try to put together some semblance of clips for all the choreography work we've done over the last eight months.

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