Mark Teppo (markteppo) wrote,
Mark Teppo

Norwescon 32 Itinerary

I received my itinerary for Norwescon over the weekend. So that you may plan when and where you might ambush the Bunny Magus, here's the run-down.

I Just Sold My First Story/Novel! Whoopee! [6:00 PM @ Cascade 8]

I sat in on this panel last year (along with Lisa Mantchev and Michael Ehart), and we managed to pack the room and keep everyone entertained. Hopefully, me and Mike and Jeff and John will do the same this year. Jeff (Soesbe) and John (P. Alexander) can probably still remember that first blushing excitement. Mike (Moscoe) will probably play the old curmudgeon ("I remember the days when we cut down the very trees that made the paper that went into our books!"), and I will try to pretend that I'm not as long in the tooth as he is (while I was off being fussy about 'art', he was actually selling books; crazy old man).

Extending the Brain [11:00 AM @ Cascade 5]

I signed up for a few science-type panels because I was trying not to be that guy who "just wants to talk about writing." As a result, I will be making shit up as fast as I can in front of a room full of people about cognitive corelation theories, quantum personality loops, and Very Small Things That Can Get Lost In Your Ears(tm).
The other three panelists may be bullshitting you as much as I am, which will . . . (wait for it) . . . extend your brain.

Magic Realism VS Fantasy - Fight! [Noon @ Cascade 7]

This one I'm actually keen to participate in. The panelists--Mimi Noyes, Mark Ferrari, Mark Teppo, Vladimir Verano, and Bruce Taylor--look to be a lively bunch who will happily take sides on this one. Bruce Taylor is going to surprise all of us by showing up in black chainmail and then debunking Magic Realism as a load of crap that only narrow-minded elitists waste their time with when there are so many faerie kingdoms to crush beneath our iron heels!

Myth, Legends and Fairy Tales [4:00 PM @ Cascade 10]

I'm going to invoke the spectre of Claude Levi-Strauss and get thrown off this panel for bringing an academic to the discussion. Though, to be honest, the rest of the panelists will probably bring their favorite dead professor too. After all, we're supposed to be talking about how myths, legends, and fairy tales find their way outside the traditional prisons of fantasy.

After that, it's BarCon and the Writer's Workshop for me (a couple of short stories to critique on Saturday and a novel excerpt on Sunday morning). So, if you're going to Norwescon this year, say hello. I'll probably be in a real daze as copies of Lightbreaker will be available in the dealer's room, which means I'll see them some place other than my house. Which'll be a trip.

I am NOT, at this time, scheduled for a reading. Though, as we didn't read at the University Bookstore event last week, I may try to find an open slot on the schedule and see if I can't do one. I'll post something here if that works out.

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